Held annually, June

During your Lisbon holiday, enjoy a unique opportunity to take part in this environmentally conscious event that promotes green way of life. This event has two main competitions. The main event is the Lisbon Eco Marathon and as with any other marathon it is 42,195 meters long. The route is made up of 15% tarmac roads, 12% cycle paths and the rest is run through forest roads. For those looking for a slightly shorter run, there is the 19km race called The Green Corridor (Corredor Verde) . This route consists of 16% of tarmac roads, 40% across cycle paths and the rest is forest roads. During the run participants will pass the most impressive points of the Monsanto Park, awarded with magnificent views. The finalkilometers will be run on the “green corridor”, between the Pina Manique stadium and the Edward VII Park, close to Marquês de Pombal.

There will be three points of refreshment stations offering water and energy products while at the finish point there are liquids and solids available to all participants. Winners of the Lisbon Eco Marathon will not receive any monetary rewards as the objective of the event is fundraising for charities as well as spreading the word of green spaces of Lisbon institutions. As ecology is the main theme of this event, participants are not permitted to carry non-reusable packaging. Anyone throwing package or any other product on the ground will be automatically disqualified. Participants are obliged to carry a backpack or a belt bag to carry everything they’ll need in terms of drinks and energy. It is important that the eco system of the area covered is not disturbed and participants must take responsibility by not leaving any trash on the route.

The race starts from Rua de S. Domingos de Benfica at the Parque Urbano do Calhau, near the “Pupilos do Exército”, around 800 metres from the Sete Rios underground station. The Eco Marathon starts at 7:30pm and the Green Corridor starts at 9pm. Yes, this is a night race. Throughout the night signaling will be performed with small fluorescent points and each participant carries a lantern that is a must in order to stay oriented. Use of mobile phones is compulsory, providing the participants a life-line to call the organization in case they find they are lost.

Being green, supportive and having an unforgettable evening during your Lisbon holiday is what the Eco Marathon is all about. Enjoy this 42km adventure with a unique opportunity to enjoy Lisbon city during this night-time race and stay healthy while you travel.