Exploring a culture through healthy traditional food is one of the more appreciative ways that widens your understanding and leaves you with lingering memories. Explore the unbeaten path discovering real food, people, culture, architecture and history of Lisbon city with the Taste of Lisboa Food Tours. These tours allow you to choose from going on a food tour to a cooking class or even a market tour. A real Lisbon experience for the healthy minded and travelers curious to find out about the gastronomic trends of Lisbon city.


The three hour food tour is designed to showcase the non-touristy, real Lisbon neighborhoods, giving you the opportunity of a unique perception of the city and its people. You will finish the tour with a deeper understanding of the history and culture while also having tasted wholesome food and the finest of Portuguese cuisine. The tour is designed for groups of maximum of 10 participants, keeping it personal and allowing you to stroll down the streets of Lisbon in a nice-size group. Taking the tour at the start of your Lisbon holiday will give you much insight as to where the locals live, eat and drink so that you can explore the off the beaten paths on your own during you stay. The Food Tour includes stops at 6 local restaurants and speciality shops, giving you a chance to sample some mouthwatering, traditional food. You could call this a gastronomical and cultural tour.


The cooking classes are conducted in small groups of 5 to 10 participants and last about 3 hours. Using authentic Portuguese spices and ingredients you’ll be led through a real Lisbon experience. The cooking classes provide a great opportunity to understand the culture and share ideas with local friendly guides. Maybe you pick up some Portuguese recipes that you will enjoy replicating in your own kitchen long after your Lisbon holiday. As your Lisbon guide, LisbonEye suggest you also try the Market Tour for a real local feel. Visiting the local market provides a perfect opportunity to pick up super fresh ingredients and enjoy a guided tour though the local markets and feel the culture and taste the food. The abundance of fish and fresh fruit and vegetables will wake up your taste buds. Maybe you decide to stock up on some fresh fruit or purchase some local ingredients but this tour is as much historical as gastronomical with the original fish, fruit and vegetable stalls still selling in the 19th century building.