Discovering the city of Lisbon

We invite you to discover Lisbon in a whole new way, perhaps we could go further and call it a healthy way? If you are like us, and we do like to keep our bodies and minds in balance, then our unique Lisbon guide will come in handy. Staying healthy while you travel is easy with our selection of places that serve wholesome, fresh organic and locally produced products for your consumption; comfortable yet eco-concerned places to spend your Lisboa holiday and events and tours to nourish your soul and spirit.

Lisbon Food and Cultural Tour

Exploring a culture through healthy traditional food is one of the more appreciative ways that widens your understanding and leaves you with lingering memories. Explore [...]

Lisbon Juicy Fitness Tour

Your Lisbon city guide has selected a fitness tour of Lisbon as we know that like us you like to stay in shape. Talk about [...]

Lisbon on Wheels Tour

For a healthy traveller, nothing more enjoyable that will make your blood pump and get your body moving than a Lisbon city bike ride. Over [...]

Tagus River Boat Tours

If you are wondering about the things to do in Lisbon, and your time in the city is limited, we are happy to recommend any [...]

Lisbon Lookout Points

LisbonEye, your unique Lisbon guide, warmly suggests a perfect tour of Lisbon’s finest viewpoints, offering scenic views, breathtaking panorama and a romantic feel. This is [...]

Mercado Gourmet (Gourmet Mar-ket)

Annually March 8th - 10th, Campo Pequeno If you happen to visit Lisbon during the month of March, this three day event that celebrates Portuguese [...]