Avenida da República 15A, 1050-185 Lisbon, Portugal

Known for their impressive architecture and inviting ambiance, some Lisbon cafes are quite often historic landmarks in their own right. This goes for Cafe Versailles, one of the city’s coffee houses in the city’s Saldanha district. The majestic cafe dates from 1922 and was named after the famous palace outside of Paris. The palatial interior is adorned in rich decor with with chandeliers, gilt mirrors, stained-glass windows, tall stucco ceilings, and black-and-white marble floors reminds of something that could be in Paris. Taking a few minutes to take in the scene of this elegant Lisbon teahouse is definitely something a first-time visitor must do.


Resisting the fast food wave that has replaced many well-known cafes and pastry shops in Lisbon, Cafe Versailles stands as a national symbol. This cafe offers the biggest variety and finest quality of pastries in Lisbon. With its own bakery onsite, the homemade cakes and pastries, like the famous Portuguese Portuguese Pasteis de natas are just some of the many Versailles’ sweet temptations you’ll find arranged in the original glass counters. It is also a restaurant with a separate section in the back room dedicated to serving traditional Portuguese cuisine. Located in Avenida da República if you staying close by and looking for a place to grab some breakfast, you cant go wrong. It opens for business at 7.30am and serves a wide variety of snacks including codfish balls and toasted ham-and-cheese sandwiches.


Take a break during your Lisbon holiday sightseeing and the cobbled, winding streets of the city on seven hills and have a coffee at this ‘grande dame’ of Lisbon’. They serve green and black tea varieties and interestingly this Lisbon teahouse still serves the famous Mozambique black tea that was first introduced in 1662. However, this cafe is famous for its hot chocolate.