Your Lisbon city guide has selected a fitness tour of Lisbon as we know that like us you like to stay in shape. Talk about a new way of sightseeing Lisbon. It’s hard to run out of things to do in Lisbon and the Lisbon Juicy Fitness Tour is not only entertaining but also all about promoting healthy lifestyles and a way o living.

These are power walking tours and yoga classes that have been well planned and in combination with detox juices supplied from Liquid cafe. This tour is founded by Malin Andersson, a healthy Swede, in collaboration with Liquid – Juice & Smoothies and Filipa Valente at Taste of Lisboa Food Tours.


There are different detoxed offered in combination with power walks to meet each persons needs. Power walk your way though the enchanting neighborhoods of Lisbon. It’s not often you have an opportunity to combine great views, workout and detoxing thanks to the wonderful drink mixes. Burn excess fat while power walking on the Lisbon Juicy Fitness Tour and stay in shape while you travel. It is an experience to that will stay in you memories with this fitness, detox and big city holiday all in one. The good thing about this tour is that it proves that staying healthy while on the move doesn’t cost a fortune.


The whole idea is to provide tourists with an empowering exercise in beautiful and interesting surroundings and when combined with a detox to cleanse your body, the Lisbon Juicy Fitness Tour is pretty unique. LisbonEye, your Lisbon guide, suggests you organize yourself to do the tour in the morning so that the rest of the day you can take it easy on the beach or revisit some of the sites from the morning’s tour. The tour takes on different routes every day, so various areas of Lisbon will be covered all the way from Tapada das Necessidades to the tiny streets in Alfama neighborhood. It’s likely that you will explore alleyways and parts of the town that you would not visit in any of Lisbon tours. Look out for yoga classes that are to be launched soon by yoga trainer Bruno Reis in a number of cool relaxing city spots.