LisbonEye, your unique Lisbon guide, warmly suggests a perfect tour of Lisbon’s finest viewpoints, offering scenic views, breathtaking panorama and a romantic feel. This is a compulsory part of your Lisbon holiday. Find your way up the narrow cobble streets from one viewpoint to another and a world of terra-cotta roofs and stunning views of the historical city will open up right in front of your eyes. The waterfront location with a series of hills, makes this city highly romantic and encourages you to take a break, stop and admire. We will start with the lookout point of Senhora do Monte. From this lookout point the city will look very small, as this is the city’s highest and probably most spectacular viewpoint offering a panorama of almost the entire city. Here you will not encounter crowds as it is one of the least visited Lisbon attractions, offering complete serenity. Take a break on one of the several benches, and reflect. It provides direct views of the castle, the old town, and views stretching to the modern districts away from the Lisbon city centre.


Reaching awe-inspiring views will require much up hill walking, but those willing to make the climb up the 7 Lisbon hills will be much rewarded. LisbonEye likes to stay fit while we travel, and invite those with a healthy mind and body to continue with our Lisbon tour with the next lookout point Santa Lucia. Fall in love with the view as well as the ceramic decorations of Santa Lucia. This is one of the city’s most romantic spots. You’ll reach a terrace next to a white church offering views over the rooftops of Alfama and the waterfront. It is somewhat magical, adorned in climbing grapevines and flowers. For our next lookout point we have selected for you Porta do Sol. This place, situated next to Santa Lucia church, offers a perfect place to admire the rooftops and intricate labyrinths of narrow streets of Alfama neighborhood. This place provides a perfect photo opportunity with magnificent views. In the centre of it you’ll find a statue of Lisbon’s patron saint, Saint Vincent. You’ll also be able to enjoy a cold refreshment from the kiosk cafe or at the nearby terrace at Cafe Portas do Sol.


All of Lisbon’s viewpoints are romantic, but the São Pedro de Alcântara takes the cake overlooking over the entire downtown towards the famous Castel of Saint George and the Tagus river. Hanging over the city, this landscaped terrace has many sculptures, a fountain and a kiosk cafe to grab a drink and admire the endless red roofs of Lisbon. The next look out point or “miradouro” of Graça Miradouro got its name from Miradouro Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen, a poet who died in 2004 and who spent many of her days admiring Lisbon from this spot. This is one of the most popular lookout points among the locals. The tall pine trees offer shade over this cobbled square where local population comes to relax, take a break and enjoy a drink and fantastic sunsets. Lisbon’s viewpoints will offer the perfect place to take memorable Lisbon holidays pics and provide fuel for your mind and spirit.