If you are wondering about the things to do in Lisbon, and your time in the city is limited, we are happy to recommend any of the Tagus River tours. The tours operate from April to October and provide two hours of a different angle to see Lisbon attractions. Enjoy basking in the sun with a glass in your hand along the banks of the Tagus on a perfect Lisbon day. This is an ideal way to enjoy the historical city and see the best of Lisbon. Become acquainted with the city built on 7 hills, looking at it from the water when you hop on board a Tagus River tour.


Enjoy exhilarating tours, seeing the city of Lisbon from the river as the world famous sailors and conquers once did. Enjoy the views, with the tour guides uncovering the mysterious and acquainting you with the historical sites you pass along the way during the Tagus River Curise. Experience Lisbon’s beauty at sunrise and or during soft evening light at sun set passing Lisbon’s tourist attractions and historical sites such as the Belém Tower a fortified monument built to honor the patron saint of Lisbon – St Vincent and Jerónimos Monastery a UNESCO-listed site built in stunning Manueline architecture.Take a look at sites of immense cultural importance to the old and new Lisbon. You will pass places such as the lush Park of the Nations (Parque das Nações), the Monument of the Discoveries and the 25th of April Bridge. The Monument of Discoveries celebrates Portugal explorer’s important role and achievements in the history during the Age of Discoveries.Also enjoy views of the St George Castle (Castelo de São Jorge) and São Vicente Monastery which overlook the Tagus River from the Lisbon hills.


Simply sit back, relax and gaze the sights as the crew sail. As you relax the well informed and multilingual crew will point out the landmarks making sure you don’t miss out on anything. There will be plenty of photo opportunities so get your cameras ready and enjoy the views of the beautiful Lisbon city neighborhoods of Bairro Alto and Alfama. This Lisbon tour will make you fall in love with the city over and over again, creating long-lasting memories and inviting you to return in the near future. Reward yourself with this wonderful treat, giving your body a rest, soaking up on vitamin D and relaxing your mind with unforgettable sites of the historical city of Lisbon.