Beco Jasmim 18, 1100-289 Lisbon, Portugal

The Food Temple is one of those hard to find restaurants in Lisbon, but once you do, you’ll be glad as it may as well be a highlight of your Lisbon holiday. LisbonEye warmly suggests you head out on an adventure to find it. Located in Beco do Jasmim 18, Lisbon, you’ll pass some charismatic neighborhoods with winding streets and mournful tunes and lyrics of Fado echoing off the walls, before you come across this little delight, hidden behind a blue door. This small restaurant hides in a residential square in the historic Mouraria neighborhood.


Enjoy meals made in an open kitchen with simple lunch menus and weekly dinner menus served as tapas as well as a main dish. At The Food Temple you can enjoy a variety of vegan, Portuguese, Western and International dishes. This place is part of a project that celebrates and explores food in all the aspects of our lives, socially and culturally. Sharing food and love, cooking from the heart, is this dinner joint’s mantra. The Food Temple is also known for it’s food-related workshops that occur on the weekends in the afternoon. They are run by the chef/owner who loves sharing recipes, ideas and mingling with creative people.


Next time you are visiting Lisbon, make it a date night with this Lisbon gem and it’s enchanting vegan flavors. The staff are very friendly, helpful and can assist you in your selection of meals; they all speak English. The restaurant has small cosy space, basic design space inside and also offers outdoor seating. Making a reservation is recommended. This place is a must-see for those travelers who enjoy healthy, hearty meals and are looking for vegan dishes in a harmonized fusion of flavors that will resonate with you, as The Food Temple is one of the bestLisbon restaurants for those travelers looking for simple and delicious food with a warm and inviting service.