If you happen to visit Lisbon, you’ll find a plethora of inviting cafes serving a range of refreshments, perfect to make them a spot for your well-deserved break during your Lisbon exploration. Some have become national symbols over the years, giving you an opportunity to quench your thirst and enjoy authentic portuguese delicacies during your Lisbon holiday.

Cafe Versailles

Avenida da República 15A, 1050-185 Lisbon, Portugal Known for their impressive architecture and inviting ambiance, some Lisbon cafes are quite often historic landmarks in their own right. This goes for Cafe Versailles, one of the [...]

Pasteis de Belem

Rua de Belém, 84, Belém, Portugal, Lisbon Nestled amidst hundreds of years of Portuguese history in the Belem neighborhood is the Belem Bar Café, also called the Pastéis de Belém. The Belém area is a [...]

Café A Brasileira

120 Rua Garrett, Chiado, Lisbon, Portugal Lisbon cafes are known for their grand architecture and culinary appeal, this cafe in Baixa district is a perfect example. Located in the old quarter of Lisbon, near Chiado [...]

Royale Cafe

Largo Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro, 29, Chiado, Lisbon, Portugal A healthy salad or a thirst quenching drink, this Lisbon cafe is a perfect place to take a break during your Lisbon holiday sightseeing. Opening up its [...]


Rua Nova do Almada, 45A, 1200-288 Lisboa, Portugal LisbonEye believes that taking a holiday, doesn’t mean taking a break form your diet and we always find a way to stay healthy while we travel; eating [...]