Letenská Pláň, Praha 7 – Letná

Czech Beer Festival or Český pivní festival takes place each year in the city of Prague in Mayand lasts for 17 days. It’s the biggest festival of this kind in the Czech Republic. It’s held in Letná, specifically Letenské Sady, an outstanding place not far from the Prague centre.

This event is Prague’s successful answer to Munich’s famous festival- Oktoberfest. It features over 120 different beers served in proper glass mugs. There are around 70 Czech brands. Foreign brews, less known in the Czech Republic, can be tasted in a tent called Beer Diversity.
This spectacular event has the capacity of more than 4,000 seats and the whole service is provided by 200 girls and boys dressed in colourful Czech traditional costumes. It takes place in one large tent, 3 smaller tents, and a beautiful Beer Garden. The Main tent offers a large selection of Czech beers, as well as non-alcoholic beers made from local natural ingredients.

And of course- beer goes great with food! There is a great offer of Czech traditional dishes. Within the Gastronomical Diversity menu you can taste the specialties of the world cuisines. The most renowned Prague city restaurants and vegetarian places offer their delicacies. You can even try their cocktails, fresh juices, homemade lemonades and teas. There is a spot for coffee lovers as well, where the famous baristas prepare some of the best coffees with different flavours. Just in case you were wondering – there is even a beer flavour!

This amazing festival has also its music parallel- the Rock’n’Beer Fest. It includes over 50 bands selected by the audience and the festival jury. The payment system consists of the “Beer Card” which you can recharge and use your credit to pay for everything within the festival.
Although the capacity of the festival is huge, PragueEye recommends booking your spot.
After visiting all tourist attraction in Prague, have an unforgettable, different Prague experience surrounded by unique atmosphere, spectacular drink and food, and warm Czech people.