This unique Prague tour offers you the enjoyment of an urban hike characterised by the stunning views of the city and all this just a few minutes from the overcrowded Prague centre.

This is an original way to spend some time close to the city centre, but far enough not to give up your green values.

Prague is home to several large parks where people can bike or hike. One of them is Letna- a local favourite place. This beautiful hill overlooking Prague historic centre is nestled just besides Prague Castle. It’s perfect for a hiking tour and a day spent surrounded by greenery and fresh air.

Letna is easily reachable. If you are in Prague Old Town, just cross the Vltava river on Revoluční třida (Revolution Street) and head up the hill. Letna consists of Letna Plain, a large beautiful plain, and Letna park, a must-visit place on your Letna hiking tour. It’s also a great spot for skateboarders, rollerbladers and cyclists, because there are lots of paths built especially for them. This place is perfect to organise a picnic or an outdoor gathering. If you are like us at RomeEye, you’d agree that there’s nothing like getting in touch with nature.

Letna Park has a very interesting history. In 1955, a big monument dedicated to Stalin was erected at the edge of the park. It was destroyed in 1962 and now this site is occupied by the Prague Metronome. During the Velvet Revolution some important demonstrations against the Communist Government took place at Letna Plain.

Fantastic and, at the same time, the oldest functioning carousel is located in Letna park. It was constructed in 1892.


When you get tired of hiking and exploring the Letna park and plain, there is a wonderful shady area- Letna beer garden. This leafy oasis within Letna park has lots of picnic tables, as well as a small playground. It hosts a well known Summer Festival. During summer evenings there is no better place in the city of Prague to enjoy the cool night air.

At park’s western entrance there is a cast-iron pseudo-Baroque Hanavský pavilion, built in 1891. Now it’s a restaurant and a beautiful place to stop and have a coffee and cake.

Spending a day on a hiking tour at Letna is an unforgettable Prague experience. It can make your Prague city breaks unique and different from the usual Prague city tours.