Whenever the weather is fine, it’s a great time for a fantastic outdoor Prague experience. And here we are not talking about spending a lazy day out. We are talking about exercising, breathing in fresh air and staying healthy even when you are travelling!
Prague city has some of the most breathtaking places where you can go for a walk, go biking or inline skating. The last one has made a big come back here in the city of Prague.
Ladronka park is one of the biggest city parks. It’s located in the residential district of Břevnov in Prague 6. It has a colourful history. Ladronka used to be a farm winery of Charles IV. There was a wine press and vineyards all around. Few years ago city hall renewed the paths here and added open air fitness stops, so today this place has little something for everyone. Once abandoned corner of Prague now has become full of life. But above all, this is an inline skaters’ paradise. Hundreds of them circle the 4230 metres long tarmac tracks. If you didn’t bring your own inline skates, don’t worry, you can rent them here. And when you get tired, you can just put your blanket on the lawn, have a picnic, read a book or just sunbath.
Sacre Coeur Park is another beautiful area in the Prague city centre located right above Anděl. It’s a hidden park full of high trees that provide plenty of pleasant shade. This place also offers a marvellous view over Prague. Here you can’t bike or inline skate, but it’s a perfect spot for a long walk, jogging or even Nordic walking.
Bikers and inline skaters have nothing to worry about as there is another outstanding place for them- Stromovka. This is a stunning area, a haunt for all those who want to escape the crowds and enjoy the peace surrounded by lush greenery. This used to be a royal hunting park and nowadays it’s a huge oasis often compared to New York’s Central Park. Here you can go for a walk or a jog and when you get tired, you can sit and relax on the benches in the rose garden enjoying a wonderful view of the Vice Regent’s Summer Palace. After a day spent walking, biking or inline skating, you can also sit or lie on the banks of one of the four lovely ponds. This outdoors mecca is must-visit place for all those eager to workout during their Prague city breaks.
Náplavka is a part of the recently renovated river bank under the Jiráskův Bridge. It’s very popular among the locals and during summer it’s pretty bustling. It’s the ideal place for all those who would like to have a beer on a boat, catch a live performance of some cool band or just sit by the river and relax after a long walk, bike ride or roller-skate along this cycle route.
This Prague tour is among PragueEye’s favourites as it provides spending some quality time in the nature, surrounded by greenery and fresh air and gives the opportunity to do your usual exercises while visiting Prague.